Neft White Barrel Vodka prices, stores, tasting notes ...

NEFT Vodka "Limited Edition" Bitcoin Bottle Available in NY, NJ, NV, and CA

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(NEFT) Vodka For Bitcoins

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Can this be bought with Bitcoin? NEFT Vodka from

The owner of NEFT is the primary investor in Mycelium (wallet). A NEFT Vodka barrel has a Bitcoin logo on the side and a mention that the company supports the Bitcoin economy.;all
If Bitcoins can be used with (e.g., bought with gift card paid for with Bitcoin) then I believe this would be the first method to buy NEFT Vodka (i.e., at retail) with Bitcoin. So is there any way to use Bitcoin for making purchases on Amazon UK?
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Tell your friends about bitcoin, they just might start accepting it... Elevated Beer Wine & Spirits now accepting bitcoin!

I introduced bitcoin to a friend of mine in February while we were vacationing. We spoke about it at length over some drinks discussing the pros and cons. I didn't really talk with him much after as we live in different cities. Three months later he is accepting bitcoin at his liquobeer store in Minneapolis, MN. The original post linked to facebook, but now they have a post on their website here. They've also put themselves on and have had a couple customers already! Remember to tell your friends and others about the wonders of bitcoin and crypto currency...they might just do something about it!
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NEFT Vodka, now available in California

If you don't know NEFT, here's the NSWF viral video:
If you can't watch NSFW videos then you should find a different place to work then you might know about NEFT Vodka from the Bitcoin Conference 2013 in San Jose, where it was served (in copious amounts) at the Tradehill reception as well as being promoted from the Mycelium / Bitcoincard booth:
Every "barrel" of NEFT Vodka has the Bitcoin logo with the message "We support Bitcoin economy":
Their website has that message endorsing Bitcoin as well:
I believe this is the first (and probably only) consumer product to promote Bitcion (or just mention it on the packaging even).
I learned today that NEFT Vodka is now available in California, and that it will also be available in Las Vegas later this month. The vodka is sold in the U.S. with the same packaging ("shaped like a 55 gallon drum / oil barrel") and carries the Bitcoin logo -- just as does the barrels sold in Europe.
Many in the Bitcoin community love NEFT ... like Kris Henriksen fom, ... Erik Voorhees, Jan Møller from Mycelium (who ordered a little for his own personal stock, as well as some to sell):
It is an Austrian vodka ... meaning it is made in Austria (not necessarily the vodka for Austrian Economists, though any brand with a Bitcoin logo likely would be appealing!).
NEFT means "oil" in Russian. I don't remember the full backstory but I am remembering NEFT having an affiliation with a Russian oligarch or something to that effect. Or maybe I am mixing stories. The indie filmmaker for the video is Russian, that I do know.
NEFT has been available in Europe for some time, but now is available for sale for the first time in California. And later this month in Las Vegas.
I'm not sure yet where it is sold. At the conference, I had heard that BevMo would be carrying it. Here's the person who knows more:
If anyone has more details on this development, please share. Here's the BitcoinTalk thread on NEFT Vodka:
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RBI Confirms No Ban on Bitcoin  How to Buy & Sell Bitcoin using INR, NEFT, UPI  Techy Dost Is It Drinkable? Neft Russian Vodka! CoinDcx [DCXINSTA] How to Register & Buy Bitcoin in just 30 second Using UPI/NEFT/IMPS  Full Guide NEFT - ВОДКА - НЕФТЬ. - YouTube Normal Transfer Zebpay deposit add fund buy Bitcoin IMPS NEFT RTGS in hindi by My Technical Support

NEFT– Russian for oil, is a super-premium vodka packaged in its unique oil barrel, produced with the cleanest ingredients. Pure alpine spring water and the best grains are the basic ingredients for a wonderful natural taste. Since debuting in the U.S. in 2017, NEFT has received multiple accolades and awards, including: a 98-point rating from The Tasting Panel magazine; named one of the Top-20-Vodka Brands for 2020 by ... Vodka is a clear, high-strength alcoholic beverage made from two base ingredients; ethanol and water. The purity of the ethanol and the quality of the water are essentially the only factors governing the mouthf ... Stores and prices for 'Neft White Barrel Vodka' prices, stores, tasting notes and market data. Neft Vodka: Biting Elbow’s Bad Motherfucker by @luisclimbing on mayo 3, 2013 #WTF con este violento video-anuncio musical en primera persona con la banda Biting Elbows de Moscú, con product placement del vodka Neft al estilo 007. Alcohol is somewhat ubiquitous at Bitcoin events. Mycelium has a partnership with a brand of vodka, NEFT, which was being poured out of black and white oil-barrel containers (Neft is “oil” in Russian) and served as a sweet concoction called a Satoshini along with beer and wine at the conference reception.

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RBI Confirms No Ban on Bitcoin How to Buy & Sell Bitcoin using INR, NEFT, UPI Techy Dost

Normal Transfer Zebpay deposit add fund buy Bitcoin IMPS NEFT RTGS in hindi by My Technical Support My Technical Support ... Get bitcoins worth ₹100 free on your first bitcoin buy or sell with ... NEFT - ВОДКА - НЕФТЬ. (сувенирная продукция спиртных напитков) NEFT Vodka™ is now here for nation wide delivery. In this video I am going to solve biggest problem i. e. buying and selling of bitcoin in india , many user want to invest bitcoin in many investment program but they don't know how to get bitcoin ... FoxySlayer and Sir Apple join us once again to review a drink with some history behind it! Follow us on Instagram! @obvious_mediocritis @sir_apple_k Music: NYUSHA / НЮША - Где ты, там ...